It all starts with  motivated individuals , who yearn for learning the basics of nursing, ready to learn in the classroom setting and clinical environment, remain consistent with attendance, keep herself/himself healthy throughout the program and utilize the teaching resources of the school  to its full capacity.



Trinity School of Nursing is student-centered, non-discriminatory and utilizes standard-based curriculum from the state of CA, combined with expertise and extensive nursing experiences and professionalism  of its faculty members whose mission is to teach and motivate you to learn beyond the basics.



Eventually, QUALITY graduates come out of the program and pass the CA state competency examination, and ready to work in the healthcare field possessing more than the basic knowledge of nursing but also life skills, confidence and increased compassion to the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the needy.

 Ninet Borruel
Founder’s Notes 
Established in 2006 in the San Fernando Valley, and now expanded in the Ventura county and Santa Barbara areas, we pride ourselves to be the "Nurse Assistant Training Specialists"
We, at Trinity School of Nursing  continue to strive to:


...Provide QUALITY nurse assistant and home health aide education programs with academic and technical training to adult individuals desiring to enter the healthcare profession.


...Prepare the students to engage in productive employment in the healthcare industry.


...And, eventually benefit the growing population of older adults within the community.

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