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Grants or Free Training/ Job Opportunities with our Affiliates

Find jobs, scholarships, and employment sponsorships here with our Clinical Site partners and business affiliates


Facilities in Ventura County that Trinity School of Nursing affiliates with, may offer CNA training depending on CNA positions needed. Please call us at 805-654-1500 for more information.

Fill out the Interest Form, on the left.

Scholarships from Facilities

If willing to work for 6 months to 1 year or more in any facility below, you may obtain your CNA Training for FREE!

Camarillo Healthcare Center- Camarillo

Victoria Care Center- Ventura

Buena Vista Care Center- Santa Barbara

Mission Terrace - Santa Barbara

Maywood Acres Healthcare- Oxnard

Alta Camarillo Healthcare Center- Camarillo

CALL US for more details!

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